There’s only one world, but how do you see it?

About Building Perceptions

About BPI: Building Perceptions Inkorporated© (BPI) was
founded in 2007 to equip students with the mental
and physical tools necessary for developing present and
future success in all endeavors.  The corporation is
committed to encouraging students to effectively use
available resources to help them connect with and
contribute to the world around them.

The Mission of BPI: exactly what its title implies, to build perception.  Each person has his or her individual perspective, a unique way of viewing situations.  Through intentional reading, writing, analyzing, and interpreting, we push our minds and train them to think objectively and analytically.  This repeated study forces us to take ownership of the way that we take in life, thus expanding our worldviews.  

The Method: This transformation in perception, however, does not occur accidentally.  By exercising the mind, we make it stronger… just like any other muscle in the body.  Therefore, students entering English II will become employees of BPI, committing to their own future successes by taking advantage of the opportunities the year will provide.

Professionalism: Professionalism is essential to BPI.  Employees will not only meet essential standards for English 10 in the state of Virginia and the National Educational Technology Standards, but they will receive the most valuable “on-the-job” training for whatever careers they embark upon later in life.

Community: Each class period forms its own department within the company and competes for honors like Department and Employee of the Quarter. Employees apply for managerial positions such as Assistant Manager, Bookkeeper, and Resource Specialist.  By working together as a department, students see how important each individual is in accomplishing goals.  They also discover how sharing their perceptions with one another can spark mental growth and creativity.  

The Guide: Laura Joy Palma, founder of BPI, serves as general manager in each department, heading up the Building Perceptions Inkorporation.